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Photo Credit : Dr. Michael S. Dobres
Now complete and installed is this incredible project for the new demonstration gardens at the CONARD-PYLE company. See Photos and video from the September 10 dedication below.The sculpture titled Macromergence is 15 feet high, weighing 6,000 lbs created by Greg Leavitt and designed by Tiana Leavitt for Conard -Pyle Star /Roses and Plants had some prime directives for the artists from Steve Hutton. These were that it should be, energetic, dynamic exuberant, have a sense of whimsy, be interesting from all angles and provide a sense of discovery through repeated viewings. The site itself enjoys a prodigious breeze and the ability to have some movement was requested
Our initial footprint was a 38 foot 5 point star positioned in a key sight point in the newly emerging demonstration garden.  In consideration of the work in genetic engineering that is at the core or CPs  worldwide success with the Knock Out (tm) rose and others in development, combined with the directives; Tiana went to the core of the flower and to the seed for inspiration. The goal, to represent the magical processes at the heart of germination, the sexuality of flowers and their beautiful reproductive structures? Stamen , ovules, mitosis, the DNA ,the energy of a seed sprouting. And of course the incredible myriad of seed form designs , many only seen in their glorious detail in electron micrographs. Amalgamating these things, making the invisible wonder of the micro world macro became the basis of the sculpture. With a  huge footage area to occupy  the sculpture needed to have enough weight to hold up to the big sky space of the garden , yet have a spacious complexity and lightness of spirit. The studio where Greg would create this sculpture has equipment capable of utilizing several different processes, including hot forging , cold bending , plasma cutting and of course, welding. The design needed to take these capacities into consideration as well as those of  weight and transport. To that end it needed a design engineered such that would allow the sculpture to be fully constructed in the studio  and disassembled for transport to be permanently welded at the site .
The completed sculpture took 12 months to engineer, create and install. It is   38’  wide by 15’  tall and weighs approximately 3 tons. It is constructed of mild steel , copper and bronze. The patina is a controlled rusting process which has been sealed with a clear finish. 

To See the first in a three part series of videos documenting the construction of The Sculpture click HERE.
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To see the second in a three part series documenting the construction process , click HERE.
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The third and final video of the creation of Macromergence
The dedication of Macromergence and the demonstration garden at Star Roses and Plants was a smashing success. A first class garden party attended by over 150 of the horticultural elite,wonderful clients and friends. Click the image below to see a slideshow of the party highlights.
Thanks to Allie and Emily from Star Roses and Plants for all the great photos.
The talents of percussion musicians gave a heartbeat to the sculpture and provided some unexpected entertainment that was greatly enjoyed by all. You can see a sample in the video below.
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An article by Moira Sheridan for The News Journal/Delaware online is linked HERE.
Below are Panoramics of the site at Conard Pyle in the early stages of its development.
CREATE A SCENE is developing the Demonstration Gardens to showcase the many ways all the plants Conard-Pyle has to offer can be utilized. You can see their website and other amazing projects with the link.
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