Select Pieces are available at the studio for customization immediately
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This is an AMAZING water feature. The Moko Waiwera water lizard/ Dragon sculpture which can climb from an upper level pool, down the landscape, transporting the water to the bottom pool via its concrete aquaduct body. This would be a wonderful addition to any type of zoo , botanical garden , Arboratum or YOUR back yard!. There is an elaborate slideshow of its construction for the 2010 Philadelphia Flower show to be seen HERE.
Below is a short slideshow of an installation. ALL of the pieces are available or purchase.
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As seen in the 2013 Flower Show reinvented in a new garden scape by Stoney Bank Nursuries. Take this gate with a pedigree home and make your showplace a destination.
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Originally set on top of columns as seen left ,this piece above now offers the opportunity for us to design additional components to adapt it to a clients desires. It might become an arch in a garden, go over a gate , become a wall piece, or get set on stone pillars, we will do a custom patina as well.
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There are two of these available, they were originally bridge rails, but they would be wonderful around any water feature, set in a gazebo section ,a wall niche or as a rail along a garden patio.
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Two views of a lovely table sculpture. We also have several very intricate heavy copper nature themed wall sculptures
that would look wonderful in an outdoor living room or on a tree perhaps?

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This arch would be a lovely addition to any garden. It could be a point of entry within a fence line , along a path, or perhaps a visual focal point leading to another garden feature. It can also have a patina applied to suit your scheme.
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Pomona would be a demure maiden amidst the flowers of any garden.
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A whimsical dolphin gate that would make a great entrance to a pool area, detail to the right.
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Greg took part in the group exhibition FORM IN SPACE at the Payne Gallery located in Bethlehem at Moravian College- Both of these pieces are available and would be pefect in a community setting such as an Art Center Public garden or as a memorial donation .
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Versions of these sculptures can be created with custom art glass to glow with candles for outdoor dining or create an incredible flower display for a special event.
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This Tropical panel was displayed in the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show. Its boasts a colorful parrot, Bird of Paradise and orchids. It would be a great addition to a solarium , patio, or as a view point in a garden.
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Reflective Birds sold as a pair six feet high and a perfect Anniversary gift!
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This piece is ready to greet you at your driveway. It can support a mailbox or a entry box for an automatic gate.
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Mushroom garden lights, formed from thick copper with a beautiful patina will give a soft down glow and really add magic to your woodland ground cover. Currently 3 are available.
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This piece has many possibilities. A gate , a railing, divider in a room or on a porch . Additional sections can be created.
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Some beautiful protection for your glass storm door. This grille would make an elegant introduction to any home.