The dedication of Macromergence and the demonstration garden at Star Roses and Plants was a smashing success. A first class garden party attended by over 150 of the horticultural elite,wonderful clients and friends. Click the image below to see a slideshow of the party highlights.
Thanks to Allie and Emily from Star Roses and Plants for all the great photos.
The talents of percussion musicians gave a heartbeat to the sculpture and provided some unexpected entertainment that was greatly enjoyed by all. You can see a sample in the video below.
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If you click the image above you can see an arial drones view of the Demonstration Garden and Macromergence.
An article by Moira Sheridan for The News Journal/Delaware online is linked HERE.
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The new Sculptural fence for the climbing roses is the latest addition to The garden at Conard-Pyle. It features the Energestiks series spinning atop ten foot totem posts with cables strung between to display the roses as they grow and climb. See the current projects page for a video portfolio of the series in action and stills are on their own portfolio page.
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The installation of the Cornvane on top of the barn at Charlestown Farm was quite an orchestration. Watch the video to take part in the process
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April 26, 2014 We once again were proud to contribute a sculpture to the Delaware Center for Horticulture Rare Plant Auction. Our work has brought in thousands of dollars for the center over the years. We are looking forward to working with them on some sculpture for renovations to the center in the future.
If you are curious about the DCH or the auction , click the link above.

This years theme was the fig and our sculpture was titled   “Pomona” Honoring the timeless Fig this demure garden or conservatory sculpture is sure to create a focal point and conversation piece in the landscape. Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, garden, and orchards. Unlike many other Roman goddesses and gods, she does not have a Greek counterpart. She watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation. She was not actually associated with the harvest of fruits itself, but with the flourishing of the fruit trees.

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In past News, the Exhibit we participated in for the Philadelphia Flower Show 2013 HANDMADE GARDENS
BEST of SHOW!!!!!
Click HERE for a slideshow from the opening Preview Party.

The theme of the 2013 Flower Show, BRILLIANT, a salute to historic and modern Great Britain.
Michael Petrie's HANDMADE GARDENS is creating a contemporary British garden and metal sculptor's workspace for the show. Called The Handmade Garden, the exhibit pays tribute to the hand-planted and the hand-wrought, celebrating both the "hands-on" gardener and the "hands-on" artist.

Here is their official description:
The Handmade Garden: A Metal Sculptor's Workspace

Modern design and materials meet nature and handmade elements in this metal sculptor's integrated workspace. Here, the sculptor is inspired by a contemporary garden that includes a hopscotch pattern of plant beds based on the paintings of Piet Mondrian, and walls based on the wood sculptural monoliths of Louise Nevelson. Nearby, swaths of daffodils are offset by a giant hand-wrought steel and copper daffodil sculpture. The Handmade Garden is a contemplation and celebration of two age-old means of human expression that so often go hand-in-hand: making art and making gardens.
Our exhibit features two major works by internationally acclaimed Philadelphia blacksmith artist and Flower Show favorite Greg Leavitt. One sculpture is the 12-foot daffodil pictured below. The other is a dramatic modern arch. A photo of the arch can be seen on the 2013 Flower Show website page.
Elements from the actual studio of Greg and Tiana Leavitt, including a design wall and an antique anvil, will also be included.

WATCH the design process VIDEO INSTALLATION by Noah Petrie
that accompanied "THE HANDMADE GARDEN” exhibit. 

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See a nice article about us by Caroline Sweeney in the news!

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From , an Article on Copper in the Arts
by Paul David with video below.